In 2009 a group of ICT professionals joined forces to form Satio Business Solutions, their solution to the problems encountered on a daily basis within the industry – namely the poor quality of service and the industry’s exorbitant costs. Combining more than 70 years of experience, these industry specialists are set on changing  the way ICT companies do business.

And so Satio, meaning “satisfied/to satisfy” in Latin, was born: Business Solutions that Satisfy.

Unlike others in the field, Satio Business Solutions addresses ICT problems from both the service providers’ AND the customers’ point of view. By bridging this gap, placing emphasis on good corporate governance and becoming accredited resellers on all major ICT brands in the process, we are able to offer customers with an end-to-end solution for most – if not all – of their ICT problems. All of this means that our customers are able to enjoy an unparalleled service experience at no extra cost.