Satellite Internet Solutions (VSAT)

Satio Business Solutions is an accredited installer and preferred provider of satellite internet in Limpopo.  que-Skye, based on the Newtec hardware platform, provides a service based usage, no contract, pre-paid, broadband internet at accelerated speeds of up to 364Kbps (upload) / 4096 Kbps (download), unshaped and un-throttled. The solution is designed for consumers, small offices, farmers, remote construction offices, etc. with typically less than 10 managed users that require standard internet access with normal (un-encrypted) TCP/IP traffic.

The satellite system is not connecting to any local hardware and is also not connected to Telkom. The system connects to the satellite which in turn connects to the Teleport in Midrand with state of the art servers and hardware. In simple terms, it’s similar to your DSTV satellite connection. The system is ALWAYS ON!